Does my reservation guarantee my appointment time?

No, your reservation is the estimated time. This lets the provider know you are on your way to receive care. As with any waiting room, there is potential for you to be seen a bit earlier or later based on medical necessity upon your arrival.

I scheduled my appointment, now what?

Bring your ID and appropriate documents for your immediate care visit and head to your appointment at the selected time.

Do I have to wait in the waiting room until my appointment?

The provider is aware that you are on your way. You can spend the extra time waiting at home or in your car for your convenience.

I scheduled the wrong time, can I reschedule?

You can modify your existing appointment time by using the information in your email notification.

What is Sympti?

Sympti connects you to care at the moment you need it. Using your location, symptoms, and insurance, we help connect you to the appropriate provider